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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  November 4, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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attorney for one of the women accusing herman cain said they will have a statement in the next few hours. >> i'm tamron hall. we are starting off in the world of politics and all that is developing with herman cain. it is shaping up to be the worst week you might say ever for mr. cain at any time. we are expecting to hear from the attorney who accused cain of sexual harassment. a public watch dog group accusing the campaign manager of using illegal corporate money to pay for campaign expenses. it does not seem like the harassment controversy is hurting cain's numbers anyway. take a look at this. a new "washington post" poll puts him a point ahead of mitt romney in the gop or mitt romney
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is ahead of him in the matchup you are looking at. let's bring in the political panel. with us is joan walsh and karen is a strategist who worked with newt gingrich in the 90s and michael smerconish is a talk show host. we said who had a worst week than herman cain? i don't think anyone is close in the running. >> i don't think so, but these poll numbers are interesting. the "des moines register" poll in iowa shows something similar. he really is proving to be a little bit teflon with the charges in the short run. i have to think that the combination of the way this is all rolling out is very disorganized and should they be more backed up will hurt him, but right now he has done one thing right and making it about the liberal media. everyone knows and i respect
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politico, it's a great news organization. it might lead to the writer. it's not part of the vast left wing experience for sure. >> what do you make of the numbers. this is a glimpse of what some of the public thinks of herman cain right now. he is sticking with mitt romney. >> i would say joan's comments one step further and say individual who is do what i do for a living and differently are working their listeners into a lather with all of these concocted theories about how it has to do with his race and ideology when it appears to have nothing to do with any of that. they are becoming embolden in their views. i also think it's a reflection of the lack of appeal that they find in mitt romney. they now have any number of reasons as to why they should get off the cain train and refusing to do so or go in romney's direction. >> i want to talk about this group who changed that there may have been shenanigans going on,
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but i want to bring it in the day before yesterday. herman cain and the folks are accusing rick perry and you have the new web ad out comparing to clarence thomas. let's play a little bit of that ad. >> you are forgetting the lynching of a beautiful man, herman cain. >> that's a little bit of a high tech lynching. you had ann coulter say something along the lines are our blacks are better than your blacks. insanity in my opinion when someone uses that kind of language. how do you score conservatives in how they bounced around on who to blame to joan and michael's point? >> they are getting too worked up. the facts are murky and i think that's part of the vacuum. people are jumping in and in the
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process getting a little on the edges of the debate. i think there is a lot yet to learn here. unfortunately herman is say great guy who led an interesting campaign, but we are starting to see again that his inexperience this this field is starting to hurt him a little bit in terms of the way they handled this not having all the facts and not putting all the facts on immediately. >> what does it have to do with the high tech lynching. blacks who are democrats and conservative. that's not herman cain and that might be a reflection on some of the conservatives. >> some of the folks are trying to sell ratings. why they would vote and selling time and selling books and ratings. quite honestly, they are at risk since the facts are not known here yet on either side. >> michael, let me bring you in
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on this. i love your insight into these things. what are people saying regarding the high tech lynching and that language. is that sticking with people you talked with all around the country? >> as the week progressed, i'm hearing from folk who is have less of an allegiance to the mind set. the story has developed in the last five days. we now think we know that there were two women who was paid $35,000 and another was paid $45,000. how many does it take before you say maybe there is merit. may i also say herman cain needs to take a page out of justin bieber's book. what you haven't heard him say as justin bieber said to matt lauer this morning, none of it is true. >> he did say it. then he changed it and said he didn't remember and then he remembered parts of it. maybe not as confidently as justin bieber. i don't think anyone would think you offer advice from the bieb.
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>> his campaign said they raised $1.2 million in the past three days. it's one thing to support a poll and another thing to reach in your pocket. why are folks willing to put up your mone. michele bachmann on today show begging for help. >> right. he had deep pockets and i'm very interested and might be spending more time talking about these campaign finance charges. it really does look like he's been kind of propped up by the brothers and propped up for prosperi prosperity, a right wing group. the sex charges are sexier by nature and we love to speculate, but it's in the depths of the campaign finance charges that we might find something that really is going to hurt him whether conservatives like it or not. >> these charges are based on documents disclosed by the journal sentinel and shows that
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funds from a nonprofit funded by the campaign manager and famous for smoking in the ad, some of the monies were used to pay expenses for cain's presidential campaign. this is being investigate and you have the complaint as well. if this turns out to be something that put a chink in his armor where sexual harassment seems to at least bounce off the shoulders of conservatives who want to support him. >> i agree this could be problematic for him. if you broke the law, you broke the law. if there is someone investigating how he spend the funds, that could be problematic. the poll numbers may not have caught up to this yet and the american people do believe you are innocent until proven guilty. i think that's what you are starting to see on the fund-raising and the poll numbers. there hasn't been enough for anyone to say yes, he's absolutely guilty of something
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wrong. we haven't seen that yet. >> we want to bring you in on the last point. we wanted to talk about mitt romney embracing the tea party. yet again, here we are out of time and herman cain is sucking up the room and writing about this on sunday. no one has time to talk about mitt romney. >> right. and the jobs bill and another defeat continued from the gop and the super committee looking for more time and there is a lot of substance, but sex sells. the underlying charge of harassment, one of the lessons from the clinton era is from the lewinsky caper than there ever was in whitewater. that remains true today. the finance allegations will not have the level of interest. >> we will talk about jobs coming up right now as well as the super committee. thank you very much. >> david gregory interviews the
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ambassador to china, john huntsman and the meet the candidates series. the "news nation" is following the developing news. the tense wait for the jury's verdict that could put michael jackson's doctor behind bars. they began weighing the division at 11:30 eastern time this morning and could reach a verdict. testimony from 49 witnesses and they have one question to answer. is dr. conrad murray guilty of involuntary manslaughter. the wait as you can imagine and agonizi agonizing, it's 4:30 a.m. can't sleep. wondering how the jure ours will deliberate. thanks for your time. we are in the age where people tweet about these things. what do you believe is the sticking point. i have to be honest and the jury would come back quickly on this.
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>> i'm not so sure of that. i will be surprised if we have a verdict today. it's unlikely, but possible. the jury has not asked for reback and to see any evidence. if they come back today, it won't be good news for dr. murray. >> a lot boils down to who the jury believes that conrad murray is and what they believe michael jackson is. they try to paint both men in the best possible light and in the end, it was the defense attorney who said what i thought was interesting, if it was interesting else that they would not be brought before a jury. do you believe that? >> i pretty much do. it's very unusual and rare for a doctor regardless of the circumstances to be charged criminally for his actions as a doctor. you hear about maiming and deaths in the operating room and you might have jurors who see this as a medical malpractice case. they heard the language like gross deviation from the standard of care and might say why dr. murray when no other
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doctor faces this. >> conrad murray was out with his girlfriend this weekend and their child walking along the beach saying it's going well and a lot of this hinges on image and here he is out trying to be relaxed amidst the storm and he could face time. >> he probably has a pr advising him and walking the fine line of not being hiding and scared to death of what's going on. being normal. i'm sure he has his girlfriend and kid saying we need fresh air and have to get out. i don't think he went overboard with it. >> can you talk about the sentencing and what he could face. >> to four years and the judge hears from the prosecution and the defense and the probation department and you take all the factors and it could be anything from probation up to four years of incarceration. >> the jury is in the third hour of deliberation on the big and important case to a lot of people. for more coverage, tune into the
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last days of michael jackson, a dateline special at 10:00 eastern on nbc. president obama is headed back to washington right now from the g20 summit in cannes, france. air force one took off about 20 minutes ago and before leaving he reacted to the october unemployment report released today that showed employers added fewer than expected 80,000 jobs and the nation's unemployment dipped to a tenth of a point to a flat 9%. >> my hope is that the folks back home including those in the united states senate and house of representatives, when they look at the jobs numbers which were positive and indicate once again that the economy is growing way too slow and they think twice before they vote no again. the only proposal that economists say would actually make a dent in unemployment right now. >> the president was referring
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to the 447 billion jobs bill that republicans bloked and the components voted down yesterday. nbc's mike viquiera joined me from the white house. another poll with good news from the president. many believe that the country going in the right direction despite the unemployment at 9% and seems like endless disagreement on what to do next. what do we expect the president's next move will be? >> if there is a bright side for the president, she leaving a place in a full-blown crisis. this experiment known as the euro zone may not last the week with the crisis fully under way now. europe trying to struggle with that. for the president and everybody else there and in france they were unable to come up with the details of a bailout package, a t.a.r.p.-like package to help greece get out of the crisis and stop that contagion from
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spreading to other countries in danger like italy and spain and portugal as well. the president reacting to the jobs numbers and there is almost a paint by numbers quality as we have gone on through the course of this recession and on to the recovery. the president and the vice president mentioning today that the economy when the president took office was contracting and they were losing 400,000 jobs a month. now two years's worth for each month for each growth. they are underperforming and need better growth and they agree with this rate of job growth is projected by the federal reserve earlier. it won't be enough to make a dent in the rate and into november. eric kantor, the majority leader was not cutting any slack. here's what he had to say.
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>> the job numbers are out and the unemployment figures in this country are way too high. unemployment at 9% is unacceptable. >> the president is saying at the g20, they move the ball forward and no way out of this crisis and the president comes home trying to continue to press congress even as far away as the south of france to pass that jobs bill. >> live for us in front of the white house and we will have much more on the president's trip to cannes later. jon corzine steps down and hires a criminal defense attorney. gabby giffords vows to return to congress. new details from the memoire including an emotional struggle to come to terms with the deadly shooting in tucson. >> put your hands out of the
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window right now! put your hands out of the window! >> a highway patrol officer pulled over a miami police officer with a gun drawn. it's created a huge controversy. we will have more details and it's our "news nation" gut check. join the conversation on twitter. you can find our twitter page @newsnation. is this a chevy volt? [ stu ] yeah. it's electric. i don't think so. it's got a gas tank right here. electric tank, right over here. an electric tank? really, stu? is that what you pour the electricity in? it's actually both, guys. i can plug in and go 35 miles gas free, or i can fill up and go a whole lot farther. is that my burger? oh. i just got bun. i didn't even bite any burger. sweet & salty nut bars... they're made from whole roasted nuts and dipped in creamy peanut butter, making your craving for a sweet & salty bar irresistible,
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welcome back to "news nation." former senator and new jersey governor jon corzine resigned and hired a criminal defense attorney. the former democratic heavy weight called the resignation a "difficult decision." he added " i feel grade sadness for what transpired and the impact it had
11:20 am
on the firm's clients and employees and others." they filed for bankruptcy and admitted they could not find as much as $1 billion in customer money. the national correspondent joins us with more. let's talk about corzine and the fact that he hired a criminal defense attorney. what else can you tell us about the decision? >> obviously we have reports that the u.s. attorney in manhattan and the fbi is investigating. you have more than $600 million in customer accounts that have been reportedly missing. that's huge and led to corzine's resignation and should point out that bloomberg just tweeted in the last few minutes that some $650 million of those reportedly missing funs have been identified in a custodial account. we don't have more details on that. there might at least be some
11:21 am
explanation for that missing money. clearly that was the most serious allegation against mr. corzine and his fund at mf zoebl. >> people are discussing the fact that they expect to be a fund-raiser for president obama, but you have this huge embarrassment and the hiring of a criminal defense attorney lingering over his head now. >> exactly. he was a huge fund-raiser for president obama. he was one of the top bundlers who packaged contributions from others and put them together. he was in the highest category of over a half million he brought into the president's campaign. he had a huge fund-raiser for the president back in april. a lot of wall street executives were invited and participated in. this was important to the president. if you remember he had a somewhat rocky relationship with wall street since he took office
11:22 am
and got a lot of money in the 2008 campaign and alienated a lot of folks there when he used the phrase fat cat bankers on wall street in the fight for financial reform. he was depending on corzine a lot, former new jersey governor and senator and to have him taken out is a big blow and a bit awkward. >> to your point, at a time when the numbers indicate the money goes to mitt romney this time around for now. thank you very much. greatly appreciate it. coming up, they come in on that story. british police say nearly 6,000 people were victims of the news of the world phone hacking scandal. that is thousands. thousands more than previously estimated. plus -- >> as crazy as it is that people
11:23 am
want to make up false allegations. none of it is true. >> justin bieber said he never met the woman who claims he is the father of her child. why the woman could be the focus of a police investigation. ♪ whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪ we never can give enough ♪ i got something for you and you... ♪ [ female announcer ] may your holidays be merry and bright. merry pringles. ♪
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we get a look at gabrielle giffords's struggle. the most detailed look yet at what it took to walk and talk after being shot in january. the associated press got an advanced copy of the book written by mark kelly. giffords wrote the last title and said i will get stronger. i will return. nbc news's kelly o'donnell joins us with more and those two lines are enough to take your breath away. we know that everyone and this is one of the things no matter what side of the aisle you are
11:27 am
on, you are rooting for her and you are getting insight into her life. >> so much good will towards her and that was evidenced when we had a chance to see her. she made a surprise visit to cast her vote for the debt ceiling fight. what we learned through the book, she is wearing glasses. we learned that due it her injuries, she has suffered a severe loss of her eyesight in both eyes. we also had known from close friend who is have seen her and spent time with her, her ability to speak had been impaired greatly. you get a window into that as well through the book because her husband with i coauthor tells about about how she struggled with that, not being able to retrieve words and the one chapter written in her voice is a short chapter with simple words. that has been a struggle with her and she has been coming back and learning to speak again. also it talks about how mark kelly, her husband, was unable
11:28 am
to tell her at first about those who were lost that day. those who were kill and it took a couple of months and when he first gave her that terrible news, he told her about the two friends who were dead and she was so overcome with emotion and when she learned about the 9-year-old girl who had died, that set off another wave of terrible emotion for gabby gifford who is felt so badly. she had not known for a couple of months that those had been killed in the same event. this will take us into what has been a private world and people will have a great deal of interest in. >> the book explains that she did not understand full lie what happened until march 12th and this happened in january. she was asked if she remembered being shot and she said the words shot? shocked, scary. those were the first words of the memory of what happened. >> that says it too. a lot of words, but that was apt
11:29 am
for what she had gone through. she and her husband had been trying to have a child. she is now 41 and she was doing fertility treatments at the time she was shot and that certainly will mean a lot to many people who suffer with that as well. >> absolutely. thank you very much. the book will be due out on november 15th. thanks, kelly. >> you bet. >> why jan sha cow ski is comparing republican memberers of the house to the birthers. details on that. >> the inspiration to anybody out there is to just get started. every morning is a new day. >> it is, it is. how the first lady is inspiring white house staffers to drop and dozens of pounds. ♪
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here's what the "news nation" is following. in just a few hours, greece's
11:33 am
prime minister faces the debt crisis. occupy oakland, a tense city council meeting reveals a deep divide over the city's response to the protest. healthy inspiration. the white house chefsry veal how the first lady encouraged them to shed some pounds. are they worth it? forbes releases the list of what it calls the most overpaid actors out there. greece's parliament is expected to take the no confidence vote around 6:00 p.m. eastern time. a crowd is milling in athens in anticipation of the vote at stake. whether the government of prime minister will survive, the vote comes amid greece's debt crisis and after they scrapped plans for a national vote on europe's $178 billion bailout deal. they dominated the g20 summit attended by president obama and the leaders failed to agree on
11:34 am
how to increase the firepower of the international monetary fund so it can help prevent the debt crisis from spreading across europe and possibly globally and including the united states. for more on what's happening, michelle kosinski gins us live. the clock is ticking and what are you hearing there is expected? >> all day there was political maneuvering and discussions and speeches. all that goes on outside of the public eye. the vote tonight at midnight local time will be public and will tomorrow whether the prime minister's government collapses, sparking snap elections and turmoil and whether everyone has agreed to work together and the opposition parties that everyone will agree on this bailout plan and all will be well or as well as it can be for the time being. what shocked greece and the
11:35 am
world was when the prime minister said i'm going to take that massive crucial european bailout plan for greece that was agreed upon for last week and put it to a public vote. this amid calls for him to resign. other european leaders were saying what are you thinking? how can you do this when we agreed to bail you out? you were supposed to smut reforms and everybody knows if the public voted no on the bailout which could happen, that would likely mean economic melt down. they would run out of money in mid-december and likely abandon the euro. yes, world markets have been a reacting sharply to what's going on in greece. yes, continued economic terms here throughout europe and even to the u.s. that's why this is so important. since last night, the prime minister said okay, i am willing
11:36 am
to form a bowl diminution government. they backed away from the referendum plan. many think it was political posturing. >> we apologize. >> the support is going in and out. the vote of no confidence is coming down at 6:00 eastern time. live pictures outside the parliament in greece. you see there people with the signs and they have been milling about. continue to follow the developing news out of greece and bring you all of the information you need to know regarding the vote at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. that is midnight there. new developments in the case of a texas family law judge whose daughter videotaped him beating her tops the look at our look around the nation. he will not face criminal changes for beating his daughter in 2004 because this disturbing
11:37 am
video police say adams would likely have faced assault charges under normal circumstances, but the five-year statute of limitations expired. he is still being investigated by the conduct commission and the texas department of family and protective services he said his daughter is seeking retal nation and released a statement said he cut her off financially and this was pay back for that move. >> rupert murdoch announced a plan for the phone hacking scandal that shut down his news of the world tabloid. they call the plan a speedy cost-effective alternative to litigation. police identified nearly 1500 victims of the scandal and 2,000 more than detectives previously identified. labor talks to end the lock out are expected to pick back up again tomorrow, but reports that about 50 players are pushing to resolve the player's union if talks don't produce a deal.
11:38 am
that kind of deflection would allow players to push the nba and owners for the lock out. >> trying to reorganize after a city council meeting reveals divisions over the movement. hundreds of supporters and critics crammed into city hall to reach a consensus about what happens next. any agreement seemed unlikely. kntv's krrpt kristi smith from northern california has more. >> hello. the weather is getting much colder here in oakland, but demonstrators tell us they are in it for the long haul. business is starting to get back to normal downtown after vandals struck, breaking store windows and spray painting, setting dumpster fires after what had been a mostly peaceful general strike drawing thousands of people to downtown oakland and the port of oakland, especially shutting it down for a time. oakland residents and
11:39 am
demonstrators later packed city hall to debate the occupy movement and encampment at the plaza in front of city hall that has been here since october 10th. business leaders say a handful of deals to lease space here have fallen through because of all this. one councilmember said it needs to be addressed because it costs oakland at least a million dollars to handle all this. at this point no decision has been made and the encampment remains. in oakland, i'm christie smith. back to you. >> still ahead, critics are slamming pippa middleton over a million dollar deal to write a book. why they are so upset. get the details in the scoop. there is a lot going on today and things we thought you should know. the house ethics committee is launching an investigation into lara richardson. they want to know if the california democrat measured her congressional staff to work on the campaign. if that happened, that is a
11:40 am
violation of house rules. and a tennessee man is being charged with leaving messages at how minority leader eric candorar office. they threatened to destroy the congressman as well as attack his family. they said he was drunk and does not remember making any threats. >> angry words from congresswoman after a republican-led panel subpoenaed for documents related to the solyndra loan. >> while you are at it, and more places for his birth or some members want his school grades and why not from kinder garden through law school. >> democrats have called the loan subpoena an overreach. they called it downright obstructionists and those are the things we thought you should know. is this a chevy volt?
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. >> low birth weight babies face an increased risk for autism. researchers at the university of pennsylvania found that low birth weight babies were five times more likely to be diagnosed with autism when compared to the general population. par. >> coming up at the top of the hour, the plot thickens with one of herman cain's accusers. the wealthiest 1% may not be on the table, but the food of 46 million americans may well be. some think now is the perfect time to cut food stamps. just in time for the holidays. >> thanks, martin. first lady michelle obama
11:45 am
started the let's move initiative with the goal of raising a healthier generation of children. it seems the first late's initiative is having an initial effect. the staff family and kristin welker explains. >> susie morris is in high gear. in may she traded the morning commute for a terrific 13-mile bike ride to work. part of our journey towards a healthier lifestyle. >> i'm so full of energy and so excited. >> susie lost 30 pound this is year, not easy when you are a pastry chef at the white house. always surrounded by the nation's most sumptuous sweets. >> i used to ment myself that i was the cookie monster because i love sweets. >> her new determination to resist is thanks in part to the head of the household, michelle obama. the first lady made her let's move initiative a call to action
11:46 am
for americans to get healthy, telling al -- >> i work out as much as i can. you don't need whole thanchls. >> words that resonated with susie. adam has also lost 30 pounds. >> we're try to live by her example. if she can eat healthy and work out every day with her schedule, we should be able to do the same. >> chris has shed 15. >> i wanted to be healthier. i wanted to be there with my daughter when she gets married. >> their method? healthier choices and more exercise. >> what's the hardest thing for to you resist in this kitchen? >> for me probably bacon. >> one of the biggest challenges for the chefs is they have to taste the food before they serve it including every batch of cookies that comes out of the white house oven. the chefs are already preparing for the poll day season, making cookies in the shape of the first dog, bo.
11:47 am
>> we have an event going on where i'm tasting all of the calories. what i tried to do notice is taste a little smaller morsel. >> even the first lady has taken note. >> when she sees us, she will comment you look great. >> the inspiration i would give to anybody is to just get started. every morning is a new day. >> justin keeber said he won't be a victim and pippa middleton accused of cashing in on her sister's fame. we go to courtney has let and the people love justin bieber. >> you can hear them from blocks away. from two or three blocks away. they definitely heard him clarify a point about whether there is any truth to this paternity claim. >> i would like to say that none
11:48 am
of allegations are true and i know i will be a target, but i will never be a victim. it's crazy because every night after the show i'm gone right from the stage right to my car. >> he hired crisis pr ands have a big deal that is clearly to the point. you have to listen to what he is saying. after the concert, it's significant. i go straight to my vehicle. this woman is under investigation because of her age and of bieber's age. >> he would have been 16 at the time and he's 17 right now. that makes him underage. that would be an added wrinkle to the story. i think justin bieber's main concern is getting the whole thing to go away. regardless of what all the others. >> what's going on with pippa?
11:49 am
>> pippa middleton, the favorite royal in law if you want to give her a title, she is in talks reportedly to get a book contract for $1.5 million. the middleton family has a party supply store. she would be writing a party tip book. >> a million dollar company? >> they multimillion-dollar company. the book would mean she is somewhere in the million dollar plus range and under a lot of criticism. the royals don't like the people surrounding the royals who seem to profit from their proximity to the royals. in other words, would pippa have gotten this deal if kate wasn't married to the prince? hard to say. >> the critics are who? the oil insiders? >> the royals themselves have said on record this is a bad idea. we are mortified this is happening. nothing like that. this is the general public buzz sort of thing. we will see what happens there. then finally, this is the
11:50 am
fascinating list to me. forbes put out the list of the most overpaid actors. it means for every dollar that is invested in this actor or actress, what does the studio get out of it? >> topping the list, drew barry more. she gets a 40 cent return. eddie murphy, a 2.70 cent return which is interesting. he has it coming out and a big budget film. even though these stars are big names, denzel washington on the list and reece witherspoon and will ferrell. you can put a lot of money and not always get out what you get out. the budgets are out of hand these days. you can go back to the day where you make a movie for less than what you make before. >> come on. they cost a lot because it takes more to impress people these days.
11:51 am
. >> for the latest entertainment news, logon or be a fan on facebook. up next, quite a friday gut check. florida highway patrol officer pulls over a miami police officer. driving 120 miles per hour. the move set off a huge rift between the two. law enforcement agencies. we will leave it to your gut to tell us what you think. ...was it something big? ...or something small? ...something old? ...or something new? ...or maybe, just maybe... it's something you haven't seen yet. the 2nd generation of intel core processors. stunning visuals, intelligent performance. this is visibly smart.
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>> per time for the "news nation" gut check over a high speed chase involving one police officer trying to pull over another officer. dash cam video shows it chasing down a miami police officer. this happened in october. the miami officer was driving at over 120 miles an hour, weaving in and out of traffic and refusing to stop. when the highway patrol trooper called in the incident, a vurp
11:55 am
visor can be told telling her to back off. >> put your hands out that window right now! put your hands out the window! >> after a seven-minute long chase, the miami officer pulls over and you see it from. the highway trooper as you see there approached the car with her gun drawn and arrests the miami officer. he said he was off duty and late to a second job as a security guard. now miami police officers are criticizing the highway patrol for treating their colleague they say like a criminal. florida highway patrol troopers are criticizing the miami officer for speeding and not obeying the law. he was not on duty. what does your gut tell you? should the olympic officer pull over the miami police officer driving 120 miles an hour on the way to an off duty job?
11:56 am
go to "news nation" at to cast your vote. take a look at yesterday's gut check. do you agree with the american act of pediatric who is was recommending that teens 16 and older routinely get hiv tested? 87% of you said yes. 13% of you said no. that does it for this friday edition and thanks for hanging with us all week. see you monday. you can of course catch "news nation" every weekday 2:00 eastern time. have a great weekend. my colleague martin bashir is up next. what's better than gold ? free gold ! we call that hertz gold plus rewards. you earn free days, free weeks and more fast. that's a plus. upgrade your ride. that's a plus. rewards with no blackout dates so you can redeem anytime. and it's easy to redeem your points online. already a gold member ? just select gold plus rewards in your profile
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best week ever. >> you have ever been accused. >> allegations be damned. >> excuse me! >> herma


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